Brave BAT went missing after Syncing wallet with Uphold


Hi guys, i have a serious problem.
I am.seeing my purchase in etherscan but not in Brave wallet. Even the ethereum is 0.00 and i had two more cryptos too which does not show me. The account is not the same at all and i try to log from.different pc, i do make new profile.but still nothing. Is there someone who can help me.thank yoy

My Bats never sync with Uphold!

brave_rewards_log.txt (22.6 KB)

I also have the same problem of 14.25 BAT missing in my brave rewards wallet after syncing or connecting a verified Uphold wallet in mobile browser. I am using the latest version, contacted Brave support but haven’t gotten any response. I tried reconnecting my Uphold wallet but the problem still persists.

In the event logs at brave://rewards-internals, it says:
06/09/2021, 06:29:40 PM promotion_claimed 14.250000

Upon checking the logs, It has errors:
[Jun 09, 2021,] Token list empty
[Jun 09, 2021,] Claiming tokens failed

And these errors keep on showing every time I open Brave browser.

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