Brave BAT wallet on cellphone


my Brave wallet has 14.25BAT in it. There is a message: “+0.965 BAT arriving in 6 days”. What happens with the rest? When I get those? Thanks.

Sincerely, AG.


This is the bug from brave officials. Some people are getting their BAT back. You’ll get it too.

They are there for more than 2 months but I never got them into Uphold account.

I’m also facing this issue and not just me and you. There is majority of brave user who are facing this.
They’ll fix this soon

Hey @arnes !

Can you provide a screenshot of your brave://rewards page?

If I am understanding correctly, your current balance ( what is in your wallet ) is 14.25 BAT. The +0.965 BAT is BAT that is not currently in your wallet, but will be paid to you when the payment period starts ( which is around August 5th - 10th )


14.25 BAT are showed in Brave wallet but not in Uphold account.

Uphold account BAT card is 0 right now. So, 14.25 are not available for transfer.

I have the same problem too.

I have 19.500 BAT in my wallet and it does not appear to me that it will be deposited in my uphold wallet. It appears to me that “+0.675 arriving in 6 days” and not the 19.500 BAT that I have accumulated in these months.

I have the wallet verified.

I also have another query. I need to reset my phone to factory values, I will lose the 19.500 if I do it or they will remain in my verified uphold account and they will pay me soon.


So, there is not sollution :frowning: ?!?


I have an even stranger issue.

My Brave wallet on Android was verified with Uphold, but it did not syncy the BAT yet. The desktop browser does but not th android version with verified wallet.

I had around 15.10 BAT on the android browser and today all BAT dissapeared and also the verified link that was shown topleft of my wallet dissapeared…

Since I do not get that many adds it took le a few months to accumulate that 15BAT… so I hope I didnt click hundreds of ads for nothing…

Any idea what is going on? There was no reset of the browsers data or anything and the disappearance of the verified link seems really odd to me …

Hey all!

It is much better to create a post and fill out the template detailing your issue instead of posting on other threads; it can cause confusion and your issue may get lost in the thread.

Please create a thread and tag me in it, I will take a look!

For now, I am closing this thread.

@arnes , please DM me and I will continue to look into your issue.


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