Brave BAT missing by doing nothing

Hi, so i booted my computer and i had like 0.82 USD worth of BAT (not a lot) and some of them are missing, now i’m at 0.52 USD.

Can someone please help fix ?
same on mysmartphone, some of the BAT are missing

Hello @RedHawkXVI

sometime it happen to me but after getting a new ads it update the counter to the right number or reopen the browser

not sure if that your case or not and have a nice day

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hi @justsomeone1

No i had multiple ads today but it is not updating it.

Have a nice day too.

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@RedHawkXVI do you use vpn ?

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@justsomeone1 nope, i don’t use VPN

not sure if that would help but can you restart your device and your router and see if it fixed or not

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@justsomeone1 okay i’ll try now

@justsomeone1 nothing as changed

could you check that @steeven

and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

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@justsomeone1 Thanks a lot for taking your time :slight_smile: have a beautiful day :smiley:

you very welcome and thanks :slight_smile:

can someone help me ?

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