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Hi I recently downloaded Brave and purchased some BATs, and after spending some time trying to figure out how this all works, I had some thoughts on the overall marketing and explanations available for what Brave and BATs are and what the benefits to the end user are.

The marketing should make it more clear that the minimum cost to use the Brave browser is 5 BATs, which then gives you an ad-free experience and distributes your budget across the sites you visit (with the option to reward certain publishers more if you choose to). It took me a bit of time to figure this out whereas it should just be made clear somewhere ( if it is I didn’t see it anywhere).

Current marketing doesn’t really explain what the motivation would be for an end user to buy BATs, but there are plenty of BAT advocates on Twitter and other sites hyping that you can “reward publishers” with it - that’s great for publishers but most people (end users) are thinking “what’s in this for me?”

Also if an eventual goal is to reward people in BATs for watching ads, what would be the difference between watching those Brave ads or watching the “free” ads on a different browser? What’s in it for “me” other than BATs to pay for Brave and how does this enhance anything from the current system of browsers and publishers?

Also, in terms of long term sustainability and adoption of both Brave and BAT, how many people would you expect to contribute more than the minimum? (I noticed the montly maximum as 100 BATs currently). Most people are trying to save a buck wherever they can and aren’t used to paying publishers more than they “have” to. Do you expect that the creators/publishers would eventually put a “monthly minimum” BATs to access their content, and wouldn’t that in essence make it just like current subscription prices work on sites like the NYT?)

And speaking of the New York Times, they currently have a subscription price which I pay for… I can’t access their content on the Brave browser for “free” or for “BATs”, – so how does the Brave browser expect me to contribute even more to the NYT if already pay them for a subscription? Do you expect them to adopt a subscription fee in BATs for Brave users? If so perhaps this could be made clear in the marketing? And would we then maybe end up with a situation like what happened with Cable where now people are cancelling cable and subscribing to a bunch of sites like Netflix, HBO, etc (but it’s getting expensive and costing almost as much as cable depending on what content you want access to). If this is the vision perhaps the marketing could make this more clear?

Final question – Are publishers (or end users for that matter) meant to make “money” from BATs as in are they (or anyone) meant to use BATs to convert to Bitcoin? Or will they be “paid” in money or Bitcoins for their BATs or are BATS only meant to be used as payments for publishers and Brave?

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