Brave Badge grayed out

In a private tab I have some tabs that have the grayed out badge.

Clicking on the badge has no response.
It appears to happen when I click a link into a new tab from google search results.

one site is but it happens across sites:

Interestingly if I reload the page it becomes enabled.

sometimes happens to me too, but for regular tabs, not private ones.
very strange.

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I believe this is simply a UI glitch – all the elements on the page that should be blocked are still being blocked.

Can you tell me the exact steps you took to reproduce this so I can test on my end?

Open in private window:

  • go to
  • enter lenses and hit search
  • command click on a result so it opens a new tab
  • the tab will show a gray unclickable badge icon (shown above)


There was a bug that opening websites in background tabs made Brave Shields icon look disabled, refreshing the website would fix it. The bug was fixed in the latest minor release (v.1.25.73), are you currently using the latest release of the browser?

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Can you confirm whether or not you are using the latest build? The issue @Rethanis is referencing does seem to match what you’re describing. On my end I cannot reproduce this issue when following your exact steps or trying to reproduce it on my own.

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