Brave backup wallet

How to backup brave Wallet?
I’m using smart phone (Redmi 4x) and i want to backup my brave Wallet before factory reset my device.
How i found recovery key?
Please help.

You can not back it up. Only way is to link to uphold/gemini. But then, if you reset your phone, you gonna add 1 extra device. Which could mean you can not link it again after due to the 4 device limit.

But there is no backup file or anything.

Brave is not good browser.
Chrome is always number 1.
I will going to delete it.

Brave is almost identical to chrome. It just has added privacy and adblocking by default.

Use uphold or Gemini. Problem solved.

Even if rewards wouldn’t be a thing at all, I would rather use brave than chrome.

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To each their own - CYA !

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