Brave automatically updates/relaunches on quit? Should not!


I have now been bit on two machines by Brave automatically updating itself when I quit the app. Both are running macOS Mavericks. The first machine was my first discovery of this issue, so the update was performed intentionally by me. But at that point, I knew Brave did not work on Mavericks any longer, so I did NOT update my second Mavericks machine. However at some point I had to reboot the computer, which of course quit Brave… and so it updated itself on restart and now I can’t run Brave on that machine either. It also just automatically updated on my Sierra machine when I quit the browser (it didn’t even wait for me to relaunch - it automatically relaunched itself after I selected Quit!) and while Brave still works fine, I really did not want to update at this moment just in case a problem was encountered.

It’s really irksome to have an application automatically relaunch itself after you select Quit. It’s one thing if you’ve selected Update - you expect a relaunch at that point. But Quit is just that - QUIT. Not “Quit & relaunch”.

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