Brave: autofill on passwords and payments not working after migrating system from HDD to SSD

I have an issue with Brave after migrating my win10 desktop from HDD to SSD (Samsung migration software). Everything seems to work fine, I can also sync my brave with my other devices. But the autofill is not working:

  1. no autofill of passwords or payments offered
  2. no notifications whether I would like to save the password I have typed in offered
  3. no passwords and payments in the list of passwords and payments
  4. yes, I have enabled all options in the autofill section
  5. it’s not an issue of data being deleted upon closing of the Browser: even within one single browsing session I can’t safe a password or use the autofill
  6. I tried syncing my desktop brave to my mobile brave (where the autofill options work perfectly) and syncing everything, including the brave setting, but it doesn’t change anything
  7. I also tried exporting all my passwords from my mobile brave and then importing it to the desktop brave - but it’s not working also, doesn’t import anything
  8. I have read about a similar issue of a user - he also had trouble with passwords and payments not working in autofill, but the addresses worked. In my case it’s the same: pw and pay not working, but addresses work in autofill. A mod suggested an issue where with re-allowing Brave permits to access safe storage or something like that. But I’m on win10 and not on Apple. What should I do in my case? - don’t want to painfully reinstall the complete browser…

Expected result:
autofill options working
offering me to safe passwords for a site I visit after login
importing passwords from other brave browser on other device

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.32.115 Chromium: 96.0.4664.93 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)

I had a problem migrating everything when I tried cloning HDD to SSD and although it was using DD on linux after trying the clone again using clonezilla that worked flawlessly. For everything. Even did clonezilla on windows HDD to SSD and that worked as well.

my only problem concerns the defect autofill of Brave - no other issues with my migration.
I already tested with other browsers: Opera GX just works fine: offers me to remember the passwords once I entered them - and the password appear in the password list - and the autofill for there password works.
I just need to get it going with Brave. Just this one autofill thing. I can imagine it’s somehow related to permits to save data or some sh*t like that and I just want to know how to re-able them for Brave without reinstalling the whole browser

I still need help…:confused:

still no one?

I have basically the very same issue as the people in this post:

same issue, just for me the system is win10 and not apple/ios - I did the same steps as they were suggested in that post - with the same results, namely that it didn’t resolve the autofill issue - I’m not sure if the problem from those people was solved, but for me it is currently unsolved. I really hope someone will give me a hint, before I have to manuall deinstall and reinstall Brave and lose all my browser data and my bookmarks etc. …

none of you guys was of any help.
really really bad support system of brave - no Mod even looked at my problem - I just got a generic useless advice from some other user, which didn’t even address my problem…

Thank for nothing!!! - - this community really is a joke - so happy f*cking christmas to you guys.

I bypassed my problem by deinstalling Brave and saving the user data folder from AppData. Then with a fresh Brave install, the password autofill worked fine. I then did a sync with my mobile device, to get my old bookmarks and passwords on the desktop. Then I also wanted to restore my brave rewards - my uphold wallet was verified, so that part was easy, but I also wanted to restore the reward for the current month, which are not transferred to uphold wallet yet. For that I had to do trial and error copying of files from my saved User Data folder until I got my desired result = reward for current month restored, but the issue with broken autofill not appearing anymore.
It was crutial not to copy all of User Data, because that would reproduce the problem with the broken autofill. So I would have my rewards back but also my initial problem back with the autofill. I then just did trial and error of partly copying the User Data, until my rewards were restored, but the broken autofill still didn’t show up.

So my conclusion is, that the broken autofill was some messed up setting that I couldn’t figure out how to reverse. It was somewhere within User Data, since I could reproduce the problem by replacing a fresh user date (without the problem) with my saved User data folder content (which reproduced the problem.). I don’t know exactly what file caused the issue, but somehow managed to rebuild the the User Data around that problem.

What I wanted to know from you guys, is which file may have cause my problem - So I would only need to replace that file or maybe just change some string or something - and not doing this exhausting reverse engineering stuff, to get my Brave browser data back on a clean Brave install.

I am really disappointed in you!

8 days and not a single competent and constructive word uttered by any of you.

You really are a joke… :confused:


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