Brave auto log out websites after reboot

Same issue as discused here and all my settings are default nothing changed no additional extension.

Brave keeps logging me out of sites

OS: Kubuntu Linux 20.04

I never turn off my laptop it only gets shutdown when it runs out of battery.
And then when I reboot my gmails and some other websites logs out automatically, while other major browsers like firefox, chrome, chromium are working fine.
I don’t know if this happens on a normal reboot as well.

I love the brave browser but this is very annoying bug.
Hope this gets fixed soon.

Edit: Now I have a plugin LastPass to manage my passwords.
And everytime I reboot laptop I get an email from LastPass about new login detected.
I do have checked remember email and remember password on lastpass but it should remain logged in and not re-login everytime reboot happens.

For now I am getting email about new login from lastpass, everytime I reboot and open brave (even without clicking on lastpass login).
Once I clicked on Verify New Device the email stopped.

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