Brave as default pdf viever does not open pdf when another tab is opened


Hi All,

I was wondering if anybody is experiencing the same behavior, and maybe can help me with this. I like my browser as my default pdf viewer. And Brave will open locally stored pdf files on double click when no window or tab is opened. But when Brave is running nothing will happen on Double click.

I am running windows 10 and have tried Brave Beta 0.18.13, (currently running) and Brave 0.17.19 (latest stable release)

D. How to reproduce:
i. Double click pdf file from windows explorer while Brave is not running (pdf file is opened in Brave)
ii. Double click another pdf file. (nothing happens, also when already open tab or window is not a pdf file.)

Expected behavior:
That a double clicked locally stored pdf file will always open in a new tab. Behavior that is common among other browsers. (tested edge and vivaldi)

Work around
Open an new tab manually and drag/drop the pdf file from the explorer window to the new tab.

Thanks all!

PDF doesn't open in Brave when Brave Browser is already open

Works for me on 0.18.14 on Windows. Could you check once on the latest build?


I’ve got this problem too! I have version 0.18.23 on windows but have this same problem of it not opening pdf files


@mr.anthony Is brave open when you open on the pdf file?

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