BRAVE approved mobile phone?

Is there such thing as a BRAVE approved mobile phone? Specifically choosing to Respect the privacy of people.

Frankly, I’m upset with how even with Blackberry mobile phones, even having Calendars sucked up to the “Cloudy” interweb. Frustrating.

Help, please advise.

Respectfully, Paul Brett Nissen (learning to be “Brave”).

There’s nothing like a “Brave approved mobile phone”. It is a users decision based on their needs. We support the browser on both Android and iOS so any device that suits your need should be the way to go. You can always restrict the amount of things installed which request device access to respect your privacy but some basic functionality might fail if you don’t allow access. So its more of what you need on your device to run it smooth and get to have your day to day activities go smooth.

Cheers. Appreciating your response.

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