Brave appears as Chrome in service access log



Hi there,

I just noticed that my connection to an email web service from Brave confusingly and worryingly appears as a connection from Chrome in the connection log. I had understood that Brave was a fork of Chromium from which the main spying data collection functionalities had been removed, while Chrome add more such functionalities. My main motivation to try Brave is to run away from Chrome’s surveillance. So having Brave appearing as Chrome in my connection log is not reassuring at all.

Is this a bug or a feature?



Hi @DamienDeville,

It’s normal. :slight_smile: At the moment, Brave use Chrome user-agent string. This means, when asked, Brave will lead websites to believe it is Chrome.
IIRC, it’ll change to Brave UA in the future.

Hope this can answer your question,

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I believe that it is done so websites won´t know that you are using Brave :wink:

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