Brave appear as SMB security issue

Today i got email from security in my company that I must uninstall Brave for SMB security issue.

"description: SMB protocol (Server Message Block) protocol enable communication between devices within the network such as : file access_ printing services_ file sharing_ etc.

event_time: 2023-01-04 13:17:37

InitiatingProcessFileName: brave.exe

InitiatingProcessFolderPath: c:\program files\bravesoftware\brave-browser\application\brave.exe

InitiatingProcessParentFileName: brave.exe

InitiatingProcessSHA256: 49c49d6593aba303b67a344d16cbe6c9d081a6280757bf4c13e3a2b6789dd7ae"

I use Brave since begining, and would like to continue. Please fix this.

What exactly is the claim being made by the security team? That brave.exe attempted to access or write to an SMB path?

My first guess would be that perhaps you downloaded a file and attempted to save it to a network share. In short, I doubt that Brave would attempt to talk to any SMB paths unless the user tells it to.

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