Brave app usage

What’s the best way to make bats from the brave app? I’m new with this and would love more info thank you

What do you mean with the Brave app? Do you mean the browser?

  • Activate Brave rewards
  • Deactivate auto-contribution
  • Activate Brave News
  • Grant push notifications for Brave in your OS
  • Use the browser regularly
  • Watch as many Brave News as you can. Ads will be embed in them
  • Open links in new tabs. Ads will be shown in the new tabs

Important: the following will ban your profile

  • Do not use VPN
  • Do not run bots to simulate browser activity
  • Do not change any file in your profile folder
  • Do not impersonate users from other regions

Thank you that pretty much sums it all up

Where can I find the deactivate auto contribution? I’m using ios

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