Brave Android Release APK

On Brave’s GitHub Android repository, I see that there are 5 types of APK files under each release. So if I want to install and test, which apk should I download and install?


Hi @harddy,

  • arm:

Bravearm.apk: Android 4.4
BraveModernarm.apk: Android 5.0 and above prior to Android 7.0
BraveMonoarm.apk: Android 7.0 and above

  • x86:

Barvex86: Android 4.4
BraveModernx86.apk: Android 5.0 and above


Thanks for your response.

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Sorry for not understanding, but how do I download a github version? I understand that by downloading from github I can continue testing the versions that are in development.

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