Brave Android menu is too tall

The Android browser has a main menu that is too tall for users with small hands.

The removal of Brave Talk from the menu in recent Nightly releases has allowed me, albeit slightly, to reach to the History menu item, but it would be nice if I could just hide the rest like Brave Rewards and Brave News since I don’t use any of them.

The alternative would be to cap the menu height at half the screen size and making it scrollable, I think that would allow users with small hands to finally use the menu properly without too much fiddling around with their phone.

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I have nothing to offer you in terms of a solution, but figured I’d share what I’m having to look at with iPhone. Kind of curious which one you’d like better. iPhone version is better for bigger fingers perhaps, but menu takes over the screen. I put (spacer) to have something between photos, otherwise was blending together like one huge photo and was confusing

Phase 1:

Phase 2: (just one line item have to scroll to see because of Brave VPN toggle on top)


Phase 3 (open settings):



Appearance wise, think iPhone or Android has the better design?

I was actually thinking more about what Firefox on Android currently does, it’s unclear if it’s actually intended or not though.

I think the iOS version here is better, having a flyout covering the entire screen width should allow the menu items to easily be reachable with both left and right hand, and it does seem to be the approach that some Android apps have been taking too with their contextual menus.

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Yep, it is too tall.

You can remove two things from it, from brave://flags

Enable Brave wallet- disabled
Enable Brave news-disabled

If you are using them, then do not disable them.

Rather unfortunate that I can’t access the flags page without it freezing the whole browser, I’m not sure if it’s a Brave problem since it happens on Chrome and other forks as well. Should still be helpful for anyone that can though!

It would be nice if we have a solution that works for users of Brave Rewards and News as well.

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