Brave Android app. App Crash


The app crashes when i press search bar or when i need to fill up online forms. :worried:


The problem still exist!!! Not fixed!! :angry:


Hi @Shaghin

Could you please provide additional information such as:

  • Android device/version
  • Brave Android version
  • Steps to reproduce
  • What sites are you seeing this on? Private or normal tab? What is your search engine?
  • Any other information you think will help us reproduce this issue


cc @kamil @sriram @GeetaSarvadnya @btlechowski @Mattches


Android Lolipop 5.1 (Lenovo p1m40)
Brave 1.0.54

Hit on search bar to type. Or drop down menu on websites.
App Crashes.

Many sites such as YouTube or even within this Brave Community.
(Normal Tab)



Do you have to be running Brave for a while to see this or does it happen immediately after launching Brave?
Does it only happen on existing tabs? or New tabs?
What search engines are you using?


It happens immediately on existing tabs. I am using duckduckgo search engine.


it was working smooth on my iPad Pro when it was running on ios 10 however as I have updated to ios 11.3 whenever now I am opening the app it only loads a blank screen on the start up and crashes after a while automatically. How do I fix it?

with regards


@jasonsmith, when you say:

Is “after a while” always the same amount of time? Are you sure that it’s closing “automatically” after some period of time or is it possible that it’s a particular website that’s causing the crash?
Additionally, is there any additional information you can provide to help us resolve the issue? For instance, as @LaurenWags requested:

Thank you.


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