Brave Android Aggressive VS Standard mode( battery )


I was wondering is there any difference in battery usage between Aggressive VS Standard blocking modes?

Thank you.

It’ll block more, but will be hard to say how much actual battery savings it’ll contribute. I would only be guessing with an figures.

A good test would be spending a full day on Facebook, another one on Wikipedia, and compare usage stats ^^

I wouldn’t expect a huge difference or any difference at all thou…

To answer I would say this :
An ad blocker, as any software, will use some ressources. In that case to help loading less contents, that would also have used ressources…

Said otherwise, with an ad blocker you use a few ressources to save more.
As long as the balance goes that way, you’re good.

But indeed, keeping an ad blocker alive while being on Wikipedia is probably not the best usage of ressource in that scenario :blush:

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