Brave and Medium Website?


There is some issue with brave when i open Medium Website, Where i’m prompted to sign in every single time. Even after signing in i open a new tab i get signed out and have to sign in again and sometimes there is issue where im not able to sign in at all.
Please check this :slight_smile:


Validated user error.

I duplicated this numerous times and simply never reported it.


If you click on the shield icon (lion) what are your settings? Try adjusting them - something with Medium and cookies sticks in my head.



Nope tried taking the shield down to for medium alone but the problem persists.

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I’ve experienced it too, and have downloaded their app for my phone. It IS a brave issue, but nothing to do with the Shields…something to do with payments IIRC…and/but maybe that’s supposition on my part.


Do you sign in with an account from another site (i.e. facebook, twitter, etc)? If so, try allowing cookies for both medium and the site you sign in from.

What’s your OS and Brave versions?

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