Brave and Google Feed working together?

Hello, no idea If this is the right place for this but, does brave contribute search data to Google discover Feed when searching and visiting websites?

Doesn’t seem to be the case, if your search engine is not google and have not turned on Discover feed they will not know what you are searching across all the internet. Also Brave news which somewhat similar to Google Discover has their own Personalization mechanizm which is privacy oriented from the start, read their blog post on how news is delivered to Brave user. They are also doing some research

So if I have Google as a search engine in brave it will gather data to Google discover?

I am not sure as I am not a IT guy, but I think search results have nothing to do with browser so brave or any browser can’t do anything to with it. If you are using google without an google account, google will not know what you are searching based on your account but they might know based on your Ip Address and dns quieries. If you are using google search with your google account they will know everything that you are searching with any browser you use and customize discover feed based on your searches.

Okay thx, ill try brave and see what happens.