Brave always opens old tabs



I had to force quit Brave because of a page that was causing the browser to completely lock up and become unresponsive.

Every time I relaunch Brave it opens all tabs I had open, including the unresponsive page, which locks the browser up before I can close that tab.

If Brave is force-quit it should ask the user if they want to reopen the tabs that were last opened.


I had the same problem. Is there an option NOT to start with the old tabs? I can’t find it… O.o
It would be usefull.


Hi @39ah0fnlie @ThameTC,

I’m sorry for late reply. There’s an option in Preferences > General. You can set Brave start with to homepage or new tab.

And if I’m not wrong, when Brave started, Brave will only load tab that is active (tab that you’re on) and pinned tab(s). :slight_smile:


thats good to hear but in the situation I found myself in (a page with a
bug causing the browser to crash) this would not help

This is a proposal for security improvements, with a few bug reports

@39ah0fnlie could you recall which site? created to support a better mode of recovery from crashing tabs

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