Brave always opens links in "webview mode"


Brave is my standard browser. Since a couple of days Brave (or the OS) insists opening all links (e.g. in emails) in Brave Webview instead of the regular browser.

I think that maybe at some point opening a link I got the question what app I would like to use, with “Brave” as the prime suggestion. I chose “Always” and then to my surprise I realized that it opened in Brave Webview. Since then I’ve not been able to revert that.

I’ve tried to clear all Brave data, uninstall it, restart phone (Nexus 6P), reinstall Brave, change standard browser back and forth from various dialogs, and to various browsers (Brave, Chrome, Firefox), but nothing helps.

At the moment I’ve got no standard browser selected. I get the question each time I follow a link. If I choose Brave I get the Webview mode every time.

Any suggestions?



It seems like it is a default behavior after Chromium v55 update. We are going to look on how to disable that. Thanks.


Great, thanks!

But FYI it’s not the default behavior in Chrome 55 (55.0.2883.91) with it selected as default browser.


Was wondering about the same, I didn’t even know it’s possible to “inject” a browser view into an app on Android. (For example, Twidere, a Twitter client, always opens links externally, it doesn’t have an internal link view options like some other apps. But after setting Brave as my default browser, it does inline preview without leaving Twidere which was very surprising to me.)

Possibly related question: in the Google app, the web view is “powered by Chrome”. In other apps, the web view is “powered by Brave”. Is it possible to get Brave even when clicking on Google search results?


@borekb it is not always possible, as Google makes a direct execution of Chrome custom page, especially on their apps.


Thought so, thanks for confirming.


@hawkunsh @borekb Try the new 1.0.9 version. It opens links in the browser now.


@Serg Doesn’t work, Twidere still opens link inside itself instead of launching Brave. (I’m on 1.0.9, just to be sure. Nexus 5x, Android 7.1.1.)


How does Chrome open Twidere? We have the same behavior as Chrome currently. Some apps support custom pages and link to them. But we can do an option to turn that off for everything.


Voilà. Great. Thats it. Works like a charm again. Thanks!


@Serg Ah, Chrome also opens Twidere links in-app. Other apps like Facebook open both Chrome and Brave separately.

If there could be an option to always force this behavior that would be certainly welcome. Thanks!


@borekb I created an issue for that in github Thanks.

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