Brave always launch in windowed mode



Brave should remember mode before exit. If it was fullscreen then Brave should launch in maximized windowed mode. If it was window then it should keep size and position of window before exit.

It’s really annoying to maximize window every time I open browser.


I had this problem with Chrome a few years ago.
The solution for me was, when I opened the browser, instead of maximizing, I placed the cursor on the corner of the window and dragged the window to the correct size.
Every time I opened the browser after that, it opened full screen.
Worth a try.


Hi @phenomen,

Thanks for reporting! It’s a known issue and likely, the fix is coming in 0.20.x release. Thank you for your patience. :slight_smile:

Temporary workaround until the fix is there is by right-clicking Brave shortcut > Properties > and set it to Maximized.

Hope that can help for now,
Thank you,


Yep, it worked for me, thanks!

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