Brave always give ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED for

Update 07/18/2019: Just wanted to throw a quick update that this issue, for me, appears to have been resolved and is working fine now. I will leave the original text of the post below for posterity or whatever.

Been going at least a few months now. I am unable to access the wayback machine at using brave on my samsung galaxy note 8 n950u (brave version 1.0.95) for some reason. It works fine using other mobile browsers on this device

The error message is:

#This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.


  • Checking the connection


I have an old kindle fire running brave 1.0.95 (android version 5) that works fine on. So the issue seems to be device specific.

Just to be clear. This is issue only occurs with, not works fine.

Mobile Device details Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N950U

Android/iOS Version 9

Additional Information: issue is device specific. Error persists with all shields turned off

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@JTBHripper Thanks for reporting. It’s working fine on my Samsung Galaxy J3 as you mentioned it could be device sepecific issue. Can you chang the shield settings and try whether it works or not?


Same thing happens with all the shields off. I just noticed though that other links seem to work fine



Those both work fine

But just won’t connect for some reason

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