Brave almost at crash point when typing comments(even in this Help section); it freezes, then OK. Copy-Paste also glitchy


I read that this Copy Paste issue is related to being open long. it is not related to being open long in my situation.
Same issue even when I newly open the browser.
Also, when typing into a webpage, including this Help section, the typing will stop and it will go into a freeze or almost crash point. If I wait, some of the text I typed will get written, some lost, and it will resume to work. So you cannot type in a normal pace or manner.

I don’t know which settings on the Security would be needing change. I am often on Youtube, so see this more so in that site. But not exclusive.

I have tried other browsers like FFOx, and I don’t have such issue.

OS: Windows 10 Pro
Brave version 0.19.53, rev e09025b, Muon 4.4.29
I downloaded and installed Brave.
I browsed webpages. Like Youtube.
Brave suddenly freezes for about 10 seconds, and sometimes even gets the Quit or Wait option. I wait, and its OK.
The other issue is that I can hardly Copy/Paste regardless of Ctlr C or mouse use.

Thank you!!!


Wow, no reply to a Help Me! thread almost 2 weeks old
I just posted another HelpMe! thread since yesterday’s update is crashing Brave on Win10Pro.

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