Brave after closing slows system for 10 seconds

I have two problems.

  1. smaller problem
    Description of the issue:
  • I have multiple Brave profiles and when one profile has minimized window, every other profile that is opened will not get open in full maximized mode, it will open only on half of my desktop.
    How can this issue be reproduced?
    Create multiple Brave profiles icons, put them in taskbar, open one profile and minimize it and than open any other profile from taskbar. It will not open fully maximized.
    Expected result:
    It should open full maximized in normal case.
  1. bigger problem
    Description of the issue:
    My problem is that when I close Brave it creates many background process and slowly starts to close them and in that time any program (even notepad) I open needs minimum 10 seconds to starts. Also when some profile is opened it will slow down my PC and create small delay in actions for couple of seconds. I noticed that after some time if I open and close Brave profiles many times it becomes fluid for some reason, it starts to work normally but after restart everything start from beggining, problem returns. When it starts to work normall background process are closed immediately.
    How can this issue be reproduced?
    Open many tabs (I now have 30 tabs opened but it happens to me even with 10 tabs) in Brave and then close it. After that try to enter any program, it will only open after all background process closes (after some 10 seconds). Picture of background process here:

Expected result:
After I close Brave system should be fluid.

**Brave Version: Version 1.21.77 Chromium: 89.0.4389.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
I have SSD and 16GB of RAM so everything should go fast. I tryed something similar with Firefox - > opened more than 30 tabs, close it and open notepad or any other program and it opens instantly. I use Win10.

I would also like to note that for the first problem I asked on Brave subreddit 2 times and sent PM to 3 moderators and nobody answered. For second problem I asked one time on reddit and no luck with answer. This is my last chance for Brave browser, if this isn’t solved on this community I will unfortunately need to unistall Brave. If I didn’t privacy oriented I would just jump to another alternative program but I really want to use Brave.


can anyone help me?

I found out what is causing this, it seems it was hardware acceleration. I disabled it and for one whole day Brave works fast, without slowing. What do I lose with that option off?

Update: it still happens, just rarer.

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