Brave affiliate referral link

I’ve written an ebook and wishing to get a Brave browser affiliate link to include in the ebook as my preferred search platform. Can i get a brave affiliate referral link or do I have to be a creator to obtain a referral link, ( I don’t use any of the creator platforms)I’ve verified my uphold wallet and identity.

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You’ll need Brave Publisher/Creator’s account and in order to get referral link you can link your YouTube channel.


Ok, Thank you for the reply :smiley:

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Ok guys What am I missing here? I’ve created a creators account, verified an uphold wallet, and linked a new Twitter account. When i linked the new twitter account I got a message that I would be verified within 24-48 hours, I still have not received any notification of a result?, Also as you can see by the snip I am unable to gain a creators referral link, which I wish to place in my ebook about to launch shortly.
What am I missing in order to gain a Brave Browser referral link?

Hey @Million,

Looks like your Uphold is not connected properly! Could you try disconnecting and reconnecting it?

Yeah I’ve tried that twice now, a banner keeps coming up asking me to select which currency to receive rewards in, I click on BAT and the banner just keeps re appearing. I’m going to completely shut down computer and restart, back soon!

No change!. I still keep getting this pop up that wont stop popping up image

After clicking where it says save, your code doesn’t appear anyway?

NO, The same pop up asking to confirm currency returns, Ive recreated a new business uphold account, now it will take 7 days to be verified, the other uphold account i created was in my personal name which is different to the Brave rewards account name, maybe this was the issue??? If this doesn’t work in sufficient time I am going to can the idea of including in my ebook

I think I have read threads of some users reporting that there are communication problems with Uphold, anyway if I can not give you an answer for tomorrow or some other user the moderators are already activated who can guide you, I will try to find information about it!!


Thank you I appreciate the assistance

I’m also facing same issue, pop-up keeps reappearing. It goes only if you close it.

I’m not sure if yours is fixed now, Mine has just accepted me clicking on BAT for rewards, I will await the admin review of Business info to see if the new account will link up and then provide me with an affiliate creators link?