Brave adsblocker dons't work

   Hi, I do not know if you have received a similar question with mine, but your adsblocker does not work, for example when watching a video on Youtube, ads appear as if I did not have adsblocker.
   It's very annoying and I do not know what to do, I already tried to reinstall the Brave and it did not work, can you help me?

Hi @Sabin,

Welcome to community! We’ll need some more info to be of help.

  • Does it work shields down?
  • Does it work in Chrome?
  • Brave version and channel (Release / Beta / Dev / Nightly)
  • What OS?

In Chrome and in other browsers work, except in Brave, if I try to disable the shield, it’s the same, and I’m on Windows 10.

Some users are having issues with Youtube ads (I couldn’t replicate it). Can you re-test in Brave Beta build?

in Brave Beta Build seems to work fine, I have no problems with Youtube so far. I hope there is a way to fix the problem, all my data is on the normal Brave.

See this thread, Youtube Ads continue despite Ad-Blocker

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