Brave ads working on one desktop, but not any others

I have brave installed on two of my desktops and one of my laptops. I’m opted-in on all computers to the brave rewards program, and have my ads per hour set to 5 ads per hour on all my computers however the ads only show up on one of my desktops for the entirety that I’ve had Brave installed (So for almost 2 months I’ve been receiving ads on only 1 desktop). I’ve even tried turning off the one desktop that does receive the ads to see if they would appear on the other desktops and still, nothing. Any idea if theres a setting I’m missing or something?

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(I Am Not A Brave Dev) … are they all registered with the same email? That might be a factor. If the n+1 installs aren’t on unique emails to match the unique browser id that might be an issue.

I have brave on a wintendo desktop, a *nix laptop and a droid cell and they all seem to be working for me. I’d have to go look if I actually made new emails for each though.

I have not attempted withdrawal of any kind. I’m not certain if I’ve met to qualifications for any of the above. When I work I don’t have a lot of time to browse the web. (presently laid off, so I’m about to be in the hunt for gainful employ)

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