Brave ads warning


It’s been several times that I receive a brave alert message about an ad, here’s a screenshot

This is the translation of the message on the screen
“Attention required
An application requires your immediate attention. To access it and take action, click on the link below.”

I don’t dare press the button, it looks like a phishing attempt, that’s why I’d like to know more (is it a fraud or a real brave message?). Noted that I’ve already received commercial messages from this company in question (the name of the company is in the search bar on the screen) but it didn’t look at all like the usual brave commercial messages so I clicked on the “don’t see this commercial again” button.

Thanks for your help

Honestly brave does not sends out this kind of a message but you could take a look at the brave ads block list because many times ads are restricted from appearing because it is kept in the block list.

Hope it helps.

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