Brave Ads Stopped Working! Brave Rewards Stopped Accumulating! Brave and Brave Beta rewards are broken and do no accumulate any more on MacBook MacOS Since Nov 6, 2021. Help!

Will start a new thread as the conditions for this one have changed and there is no real solution on hand. Since writing, all ads have stopped and the there is no life in the Brave browser regarding rewards. This is a complete rewards/ads fail and there is no hope at this time.

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I’ve been having the same issue and there are now multiple threads with so many of us experiencing the same issue for a week to over a month. Not sure what is happening but please, mods give us a response! Is there a solution in the works, what is being done about this, if anything at all??

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Will pause on a new thread, but wanted to share the Ads stopped working. Now to be clear, browser main page will present an ad, but there are NO popups and ZERO brave rewards. Again, this works fine on my PC, Windows 10 computer, but not on MACOS. Can anyone help? Thank you.

There is no answer to this question. No ads, no rewards, no solution.

Very strange but on one random day there was 0.261 BAT in the account. Yeah, but it stopped immediately. Being in the computer software industry, the support is unusual. Can someone explain he best way to connect and get support to benefit all users of Brave?

Kind regards.

There are 50 millon active users on Brave. I wonder how many of those million are facing the same problem. This is not only suspicious, it’s starting to feel like a scam.


The concept of Brave is very good. The implementation with solid support is questionable. Even self troubleshooting could offset the support team would be helpful. I would like to see this browse and the reward payout work and be successful. But the low support will ultimately cause users to leave and use another browser. I am a fan, but the ember of enthusiasm is cooling off.

Another thought, the “small reward” we get time thousands of other users not getting their small reward could add up. So if we do not get the “small reward”, who does?

same issue and yet no help getting NO ads and NO help. Its like they are intentionally ignoring it, Some communication would be nice

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It´s been months now… They claim not to use their users like Google but this looks exactly like that.

Waiting… waiting… no answers. Any one from support home? Can you help?

I wanna know if my wallet is flagged cause I am not receiving that many ads.

My account was linked to gemini.but it showed some glitch below my name in verified account option it was showing sign out 1$.so I signposted to check it but after that I am unable to link back my brave reward. And also receiving less ads

Agreed! It would be nice to know if a wallet is flagged without asking many people and waiting for who knows what… An actual flag in the browser or back office would be very transparent and helpful. Then what would be EVEN more helpful is an action list to help users, who really want this to work, a list where they can walk down the items and improve the situation. Feedback is VERY limited with Brave. Improvements are really necessary to help users feel like their voice is heard. Right now we are talking to ourselves…

Bro you know about brave internal logs?

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Thank you. Located here: brave://rewards-internals/. The Logs has no content. The Event Logs contains historical information, but no debug or actionable items to help users take the next step. Is this what you were referring or is there another?

Donkja thank you! I did download the Log and there was content. This is a summary of the ERRORs …

Since October 1:

Count Comment
807] Claiming tokens failed
627] Failed to get signed tokens
596] Publisher info not found
171] Unauthorized access HTTP status
130] Unexpected HTTP status
73] Publisher info not found
66] Failed to refill unblinded tokens due to an invalid wallet
55] Attempting to re-authorize in VERIFIED status!
53] Couldn’t get balance
41] Unexpected HTTP status
40] Attempting to re-authorize in VERIFIED status!
25] Can’t get uphold balance
24] Invalid server response for publisher prefix list
24] Couldn’t get balance

Who can help untangle this information?

I put in a Feature Request for just this… something simple and transparent for the user to reference… Go Vote! lol Notify users when their account/wallet has been flagged

Can you please help in verifying is my wallet flagged if not is there any problem in brave reward internals. Please reply fast

Okay, learned more today. Maybe this can help others. But it is full of bear traps. Let’s begin.

Recommendation was to remove Brave and reinstall. Right. On a Mac, uninstall and reinstall DOES NOT WORK. Here is why: the detail files are located in ~/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware. This is a hidden folder!! It can only be accessed by Finder and you MUST use the GO option to access this folder.

So, this must be removed as well after uninstalling Brave Browser. So, BEWARE!!! Once you do this, your new install will not recognize your wallet. You will need to reconnect. If you have 4 wallet connections, then it is GAME OVER!! Now that said, the tokens DID accumulate. This was good. But because I could not connect to my wallet (5 connections), then the tokens sit in never-never land forever. Watch them rack-up but you will never get them. Big waste!

I saved my previous ~/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware files and was able to save my wallet connection. However, I am now back to square one… tokens DO NOT ACCUMULATE but my wallet is connected. Yeah, kind of, not really.

The flame of interest in Brave and Crypto is waning… This is a technological mess.

Can anyone help??

Okay, after much wrestling, SaltyBanana was able to help. It is absolutely NOT clear what they did behind the scenes, but it unlocked the token accumulation and it now works on my MacBook. For those wrestling with this issue, persistence seems to be the answer, but much thanks to Salty Banana for the help. Here is the correspondence:

"Thanks for sending, found the root of the issue. Your wallets have been flagged by our automated system for irregular activity.
Can you confirm which of these wallets share the same issue?

<<< Message from me illustrating which computers use Brave. >>>>

This should now be resolved. Should update in the next hour.

You can expect any rewards to be paid out in the next payout cycle in February. Please be advised that it might take about 1hr until the system fully updates after your wallet has been unflagged.

Closing this DM. If you have any issues in the future, please post a thread on and a Support Agent will reach out.

Thanks for choosing Brave."

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