Brave Ads stopped completely after reaching 4.750 BAT i.e. around $1

It is been close to 1 month since I opted for Brave Rewards. I started getting ads daily for some days and when it reached 4.750 BAT (around $1 in real world money) the Ads stopped completely. I have not received any Ads from at least last one week.

I am from Bangalore, India. Is this intentional after reaching $1?
I have set to clear cookies and other data (except sites and shield settings) after exiting browser – don’t think this has got anything to do with this like Brave cannot capture my interests??.

Not sure really what is going with Brave while so many users complaining that they too stopped receiving Ads or rewards on fine day!!

Kindly fix this ASAP.


i got the same issue … after reaching 4.115

Hard to understand, crazy!..

im from india same issue facing no ads since 25 days

@steeven see this issue please

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