Brave Ads Rewards

My Question is really Simple i didn’t Ask along Time, To Skip thanks message for brave pleas follow the arrow--------------------------------------
For me is watching ads on YouTube count ? i mean i can’t skip the ads if i completed seing ads on YouTube video’s do i get some benefit for regarding and watching ads on YouTube in furthure day ? i mean the day’s coming next if i watched ads cause i got paid 10 bat jusst for Wondering in the Video i guess maybe but thats my question-------------------------------------------------------# does the ads on YouTube Video Count?#
sorry for the Long Question

@Slick Apologies, you won’t get rewards for watching ads in youtube.To receive brave ads rewards should be enabled in brave://rewards page. Ads programming will trigger the Brave ads for ceratin countries. Based on the browing behavior ads will be served to user.

If you want know more about brave ads, please go through the below link:


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It’s not Brave Ads. Brave Ads appears as system notification (for now). More details in linked above.

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