Brave ads proton mail

hy to all…i have one question…i only recive ads from proton mail…one per day…what can i do to get more?

Hello @cromania

first check how many advertiser available on your country

also ads show depend on the category of site you serve

hope that help and have a nice day

8 ads

pet, 20. stu 2020. 18:15 justsomeone1 via Brave Community <> je napisao:

please notice that each ads has category and some will not show up till you visit a site that from the same category as this ads

so for example if there ads that from food category if you did not visit any site from that category then you will not see that category

so maybe that the reason and maybe something else

thanks :grinning:…so where i can see which 8 ads support my browser?

pet, 20. stu 2020. u 22:19 justsomeone1 via Brave Community <> napisao je:

you welcome but no one can except one of the team who will not do that :joy:

Hello @cromania.

I’m french but I live in Romania too (Bucharest). If the goal is to get more ads, you may use a US-based VPN. You’ll get more ads.