Brave ads popup greyed out / crossed out

my brave ads popup has been like this for the past couple of weeks and i’m not earning any rewards.
Any idea why?

Are you connected to a custodial account? If not, then that’s why you’re not earning.

As to this icon, I believe someone mentioned before this happened when they had silenced notifications. But not quite sure why it has the :no_entry_sign: over it otherwise.

linke to Gemini
and I just checked my notification, its on as normal. (Mac OS)

@passivify I’d suggest you create a Rewards Support Ticket at

This will allow them to look at things from a few other points of view, including making sure nothing is wrong with your account on the back end.

That said, I’ll tag @Evan123 as well to see if he knows anything, especially about why the notification is showing with the :no_entry_sign: on it (it’s coming from Brave or if it’s something else)

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