Brave ads pop-up position?

Thanks, for me the only issue was the pop-up location, didn’t know it can be dragged anywhere.


That is correct – I was referring to the version pushed into the the browser in the most recent. update.

You will still get NTP sponsored ads if you turn notifications off. You can also adjust the number of ads displayed per hour (from 0 - 10) if you’d like less ad notifications.

One irritating thing about these new ads is they appear in a “new window” (blank) in my Taskbar. Also shows up in ALT+TAB. I don’t remember the old ones doing so.

I hate these new notifications. The old mac Growl notification was better.

I’m on Linux and brave is using these new custom notifications instead of the system-wide libnotify which it was using up to now. Clearly, this is a regression. I have disabled brave ads until this is fixed.

The brave inbuilt ads in the linux version has recently changed to a much more intrustive look. Until yesterday it looked like this:

Now it looks like this:

Because of this change, I have now changed the ads settings to “0 ads per hour”. I will not revert the settings unless you restore the old unintrustive dark look.

That particular reply was intended for Windows users – I do apologize for the confusion. On Linux, system notifications are no longer shown and users will now only see custom ads notifications for Brave Ads. This is not an issue or a bug, it is intended.

The custom ads notifications should display using the same theme as set in the browser. So if your browser is using the light theme, they will appear as shown in your screenshot. If browser is set to dark them, they will match that.

Ok. Thanks for the clarification. But that’s still a regression and it sucks. What’s the point of having an OS-wide and well-integrated notification system (libnotify) if individual applications choose to not use it? The applications that don’t comply get silenced. Sad.

Very bad change. One of the reasons that the new ads are intrustive is that there is no contrast, which means that the ads are difficult to distinguish from the rest of the browser. I use light theme, therefore I want dark ads. (the black frame in the picture is not shown in my browser)

Second, any change in the design is intrustive per definition.

Third, the new ads have the small X instead of a big button, which means that you have to concentrate to click at the right position.

Sorry, I will never revert the settings unless you restore the old unintrustive ads.

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As already stated, these will be the way ads appear moving forward. We will take your (and everyone’s) feedback into consideration when building upon the new custom ads notifications.

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Hi, I tried to post and ask for help for my Uphold account that got disabled, is there anything I can do to re enable it? I already contacted their support and they said that they cant tell me the reason and taht my account, would you please help me contact them and try to re enabley account as I have incoming BAT reward.from Brave?

Ok, so just to be clear, if I have notifications off, but sponsored images on for NTP, I still get BAT for the NTP ads? I’m ok with that. I just can’t stop the pop ups. I use Brave for work focus and they are too distracting for me.

I really think this is a step in the wrong direction. Pop ups were always the worst kind of ads. Even if they can be moved around, pop ups have always been annoying.

If you want to see NTP ads but not see pop-up/notification ads, simply go to Settings --> Brave Rewards --> Ads Settings and set your Ads per hour to 0. You will still see NTP sponsored images but not ad notifications.

Understood. My question was will I still receive BAT for NTP ads even with Ads per hour set to 0?

Yes – you will receive BAT for NTP sponsored images.

Who would want popup ads? Why is Brave doing this? How do I block these?

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Just hopping on here to say that the new custom ads are terrible. I am used to the Windows 10 notification sound going off whenever I get a Brave Ad, and now they just stealthily appear on my screen with no auditory cue letting me know that it is there. As I was typing this post, I missed out on an ad because I only noticed it was there when I saw it fade away.

On a side note, am I right that the ads either have to be clicked on or manually dismissed in order to receive BAT for them?

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