Brave ads = only popups?

Is Brave’s advertising network made up solely of popups or is this just the beginning?
Let me explain: the most widespread advertising agencies currently in use (those that allow websites to make their servers profitable, such as Google ads) allow webmasters to put ads directly on their sites.
Currently, with the Brave advertising agency, webmasters can only earn money through sponsored links (and this will end at the end of the year at the latest) or through BAT donations from browser users.
They cannot display ads on their site and do not earn more money than they have 1 or 1000 visitors per day.
Is there a solution to deal with this?
Thank you for your answer:)

@pragmethik in short, yes, it’s still in early phase. There’s a plan for publisher ads (ads that displayed on website).


" Later this year, Brave will introduce Publisher-integrated Ads to complement today’s private, opt-in user ads. We will work in partnership with content providers to provide opportunities for our 55,000 Verified publishers and creators to feature private ads within their website or channels."

Okay, thanks for you answer :slight_smile: