Brave Ads on MacBook not working for 3 months

Hi all - sorry to beat a dead horse, I know there has been a bunch of posts on this topic but I can’t seem to get the specific answers I’m looking for. I know that ads are disabled on Apple iOS for mobile devices, but I haven’t seen anything confirming that they’re disabled for MacBook laptops as well. I haven’t been getting ads on my MacBook since August. I’ve tried numerous things including checking that do not disturb is disabled and that Brave notifications are enabled in my MacBook settings. I’m currently using Brave v 1.31.88 and have sync’d Brave to my Windows PC & iPhone. I have not verified my wallet or linked to Gemini. Is there anything I can troubleshoot to fix not getting ads? Are rewards just disabled for MacBook? If so, what’s the best option to move the BAT in my wallet on my MacBook Brave browser to a Windows Brave browser? Please let me know if there’s additional information that I can provide that might be useful. TIA

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Hi - is there any way to get a response here?

Sometimes, the reduction in ads might be contributed to ad campaigns in certain regions.
I do not know if this has anything to do with your issue seeing on how you have had this issue for 3 months, but take a look. I don’t know what region you reside in

Hope this helps ? :slight_smile:

The region I reside in, only has 1 active add campaign :frowning:

Thanks for the response! My Ads Settings auto-detects as Colorado. Before this issue I had very consistent ads for multiple years in CO, I also don’t have issues getting CO ads on my PC or my iPhone (no rewards of course on iPhone), only my MacBook - no ads, no rewards.