Brave Ads not working well with Tor

I operate a Tor middle relay from my home internet, and since I set it up, the reward system doesn’t work. The only ads I see are sponsored images when I open the new tab, however, I don’t get paid for them. I tried reinstalling the browser but it didn’t work. Seems like the issue is with Brave, my IP probably got banned for being a member of the Tor network.

Can someone confirm or deny that Brave Ads block Tor volunteers?
Thank you.

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I do not think so. Brave implemented tor in their browser. Why would they block their ads to tor users? Now brave ads don’t work in tor built-in brave. But it does in a normal window.

Maybe your relay traffic is affecting somehow the ads system, although Brave team would have to clarify this.

I am proud to know that you helps to offer a better and more anonymous internet for everyone, i admire you.


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@xhGcmw Running a middle Tor node is not supposed to cause problems. If you’d like us to investigate further, can you please fill out the form at so that we have the information we need to look into this in more details?

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@xhGcmw – additionally, can you make sure to include your Community user name in the subject line of the ticket as well so we can easily tell it’s you? Thank you.


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@xhGcmw Thanks to the extra information you provided to us, we were able to discover a server-side bug on our end that was handling the traffic coming from Tor middle nodes incorrectly.

This problem should now be resolved. Thanks again for your help and your patience.