Brave ads not showing up on pc/laptop

I started using brave on my mobile and then later switched from chrome to brave on my pc as well. I wished to collect as many brave rewards as possible so i synced my pc with my brave app on mobile. Unfortunately i get about 5 ads per hour on my mobile but on the desktop it shows no ads despite the ads set to 5 per hour. I have been facing this problem since a month so please someone help me out here.

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@Pulkit Read the following articles for some possible causes:

@Urbie The number of ads available depends on the device. It appears to me that mobile devices get more.

I have been using brave on my windows 10 since last 1 month and havent seen a single ad, looks like theres an ad glitch for the windows/linux version both.

Please read the articles @rosiecar linked above and ensure that none of those reasons apply to you. Then, please open your own thread and provide all the requested information and we’ll be happy to help.

I checked everything and it looks all fine, yet i still dont receive my notifications.

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Everything looks fine, but i still dont receive my ads notifications. I am still getting my normal youtube and Instagram notifications but my ads notifications are not coming.

Please open your own thread as requested.

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