Brave ads not showing today

Description of the issue: Today 30 jun 2020 Brave browser showing some problems. No ads are showing today. What is happening, Please solve this quickly. Please help me @steeven

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. If ads will show like yesterday.

Expected result: I want as if ads will show from today.

**Brave Version( check About Brave):**1.10.99

Mobile Device details Symphony i60

Additional Information: Please solve the ads showing problem. Brave ads not showing today both brave browser and brave browser beta. @steeven please help me.

yes ads not showing today. Hopefully it will be resolved

wow… I have been having something similar happen to me to! the ads have slowing down alot and now they are barely coming through!

Which country do you come from.?

I am from Bangladesh that is brave ads eligible country. But no ads showing from brave today. @steeven please fix it.

Hi @9rs - it’s possible that you’ve maxed out the catalogue for Bangladesh.

When did you upgrade versions?

Hey @steeven I think brave software is working like a fool, there are many reason behind this, First ads not showing from yesterdsy, Second, I have updated brave browser beta right now and now i am showing bat token of ads estimated pending reward is good but usd has gone down to 0.00 usd, what is happening here, please tell me and solve all the problem quickly. I have given you screenshots in attach file of brave browser beta please check that. @steeven i am very helpless

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