Brave Ads not registered

I am having what sounds like the same problem, on both desktop (Windows 10) and Android. My screenshots look nearly identical. The problem is more frustrating on mobile because I’ve more tokens there, though the two evidently can’t be connected and I can’t create a wallet til I’m at 25, which will be some time, especially if I’m being shown similar screen ads but am no longer getting rewarded for them, and haven’t gotten notifications in over a month. I was getting them for a month or two, then nothing. I forgot they even do notification ads, it’s been so long. I’m frustrated you’re getting income for my attention, but I’m not getting rewarded. I attempted to follow the instructions for requesting notifications but though my settings allow it, it said Brave itself refused permission.

When you open a profile and had other opened before, the browser will try to show you ads for both profiles and there’s no way to distinguish which profile is the ad for when they appears, to know you have to check the brave://rewards of every profile


That explains it, Thanks.