Brave Ads not registered

Although I click daily on Brave ads, no ad activity is registered

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@Melusine, there’s no need to click the ads for them to get counted and paid.

You can see the quantity of ads you have received and the “estimated pending rewards” in the brave rewards settings.

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hello…i have a problem with my android brave browser…i am not recieving ads since i change my phone… why is that?

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So, since I am seeing ads daily, I should see a figure other than zero in the " estimated pending rewards" section.
Why is it stubbornly stuck on zero?

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What type of ad are you seeing? Sponsored images or push notifications. Btw do you have the last version of brave?

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I am on version 1.19.92
This is the type of ad I see

I can’t identify if that is a sponsored image or a push notification.

Anyway try creating a new profile in the brave browser, enable the rewards there browse on it for a few hours to see if the rewards work normally there.

Ok, I have done that now, but still, no activity is showing in the “Ads received this month” section

@Melusine I have no idea what could be the problem yet… can you please share some screenshots of the type of ad you are seeing ? don’t click on them

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That’s a sponsored image, do you only get these? But I see your pending rewards are not 0. That’s your main profile or the new?.

Check this page to see if there is ads available for your region

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That is the new profile

Here is a screenshot

This specific ad is not available for my region. Which actually begs the question, why is it showing at all?
However, three other ones that are available for my region have been seen this month and the ticker for “Ads received this month” is stubbornly stuck on zero.

About the other question, I get both sponsored images and left lower corner inserts (not sure what is the proper name for those).
My pending reward amount has been stuck on the same amount for weeks despite seeing ads, which is consistent with the absence of movement on the “Ads received this month” ticker.

Ok, this is officially out of my league :sweat_smile:, I would like to continue helping you but I have not experienced this kind of problem so I don’t know what else to do (except restart the wallet or reinstall the browser, but I don’t know if that will fix the problem)

@Mattches @fanboynz @sampson @Aa-ron @Asad @tmancey please lend us a hand here :bowing_man:

Brave Ads will appear as push notifications (controlled by your OS). The images you’re viewing are in-browser (on the NTP) are Sponsored Images – you will also get paid for these but they function a bit differently than the ads system itself.

Can you please tell me what region you’re located in, as well as whether or not you have Do not disturb mode enabled on your OS?

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Thank you.

These are ads that were repeatedly displayed for my area (Israel) with no related earnings

I think “new tab page” type ads are the ads displayed on Brave homepage. If not:

  1. please, can you explain what new ab pages ads.
  2. If the ads I see displayed on my Brave homepage are not for my area, why do I see them?

Not for the first time, I see push notification ads that are not reflected in y final count.
This last hours - April 8, I already saw 2, but nothing was added to my rewards.

Hi @Melusine, i’m busy right now, But I think I can help you to check if those notification ads really paid you or not, later

I think I lost track of what the actual issue you’re encountering is. In your main profile, is your Estimated earnings still at 0?

yes, but as i was advised here, I opened a secondary profile an am using that one “Melusine2”

This ad just showed up and was not accounted for