Brave ads not received from March (Uphold)

Hi !
I got only 2.4 BATs at the beginning of the month instead of 5+ from my several devices. Unless what is stated in the “ads payout” thread, it looks like a lot of us didn’t got the complete payment…
@steeven I sent a DM to you yesterday but you didn’t look at it.
Can you please help me ?


I have the same problem :frowning: I was supposed to be given 5.8 BAT’s but I don’t see my March payout yet. I’ve got Uphold.

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I have the same problem ,I don’t see my payout yet :frowning:

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No response from the team for now …
@SaltyBanana @steeven Can you at least acknowledge there is an issue with verified Uphold wallets in the thread Ads Payout Status Update.
Looking at all the people complaining it’s definitely not complete and we’ll be more patients if we’re acknowledged…

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Count me to the ones with issues. Third month in a row, twice on my second mobile phone, this time on my main one.
I literally have no idea what triggers it and it’s kind of upsetting that it happens…

I am also facing same issue .

Issue has been resolved for me ! Hope it’s the same for you all guys :slight_smile:

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