Brave Ads not popping up

my Ads have stopped showing suddenly, it has been well since i started using brave for about an year now but the whole of feb 2021 have not got any Ads. i have not changed my windows 10 and my brave is up to date.

Brave 1.20.108 Chromium: 88.0.4324.182 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Revision 73ee5087001dcef33047c4ed650471b225dd8caf-refs/branch-heads/4324@{#2202}
OS Windows 10 OS Version 1909 (Build 18363.1379)

Me too. I thought it might have been because of my new ISP but ads still work on my phone on wifi. Change my DNS settings to use cloudflare’s that i removed and still nothing. Installed a vpn and still nothing showing up. Changed my DNS settings on my phone to cloudflares and i’m still getting ads. Default location on PC was deactivated, it kinda fixed rewards when i reset it even tho i wasn’t receiving add. Maybe has something to do with location since some countries don’t receive adds and for some reason location service is deactivated on my pc. Can an antivirus like avast do this? @Admin1 @Support

@Mattches We need your expertise

Can you both please check the following document on common reasons ads may not appear and see whether any of them apply to you?

Yeah I checked the notifications. I am getting the ones from my other programs like telegram, twitter, mails etc… Disconected my gamming mouse. Nothing for now. I am using the same account on my pc and my phone that I just started using again. Works fine on the phone, i get at least 1 every 10 min when using brave. The only one that work for my pc are the sponsored adds on the brave startup page.

So I updated brave on my laptop, the computer i had before this pc and i received 1 add on my desktop. I then verified the wallet on the laptop and I just received my second add on my desktop. Don’t know if its because of the mouse or the laptop. I used the same microsoft account as the one on my laptop to verify windows 10 on my desktop. There is probably a security in brave to prevent people from using multiple brave browser that flagged my microsoft account. I will keep my pc on for now, if i receive another one i will switch off the laptop, then another one i will reconnect the mouse. Pretty sure it’s the laptop since i’m not receiving anything on my laptop anymore but it would seem i’m still getting them on my phone. Thanks for your reactivity @Mattches i will update the thread in case something comes up.

Brave fully working now with adds showind up every now and then. Gaming mouse also connected thanks for the help.

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