Brave ads not count for my 2nd profile on my laptop

Recently I face that my 2nd profile on my laptop currently not count any brave ads after I seen sponsors image or ads.please help me.i am not use any VPN.


Anyone know the answer please help me

Same problem happening with me…after updating to version 1.25.68

But I am not update my browser.its happen after 27th march

Hello, good morning, the same thing is happening to me, and I have the latest version and it also happens to a friend, I do not know what the problem may be, nor if the technical team are aware

greetings from Argentina

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I just tried installing brave on my other pc and this problem is also happening on it…@steeven plzz help

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Same problem here after updating to version 1.25.68

Salut, même problème. Les annonces ne comptent pas.

I have the same problem. My family and I use Brave, but some of us ads don’t count after seeing the sponsor’s image.

why not count any bat for my 2nd profile on my laptop.

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