Brave ads not coming since 18 June 21

Hi There,

I stopped getting ads, and hence there is no increase in Brave Rewards estimated earnings from 18 Jun 21.
I see that I am eligible for ads in my region,

Please let me know why I am not getting ads ?


I am also facing same problem

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Yeah, same problem :frowning:
I mean I am getting the stats about ads at the right corner of screen, but the ads which used to be on the bottom left corner and the sponsored images are missing :frowning:
In my case, I had to force quit the browser because it froze and was unresponsive, after force quit and re opening, the problem started. Help please…

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Yes facing the same issue since yesterday. i was not getting the notification ads for 2 months now. But now the promo ads on the new tab are also not showing. Does anyone know how to solve the problem. Brave support does not seem to care about the users now :roll_eyes:

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WHY no moderator has answerd on this? i too face the same problems since yesterday i have not recived the tab ads… Whats going on?

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yes same here
no moderator :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

I have started receiving BlockFi ads today. Hope others also getting ads ?

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