Brave Ads not appearing (Dev channel)

We’re seeing lots of user reports that they’re no longer being served Brave ads after the update to v0.63.8. Reports come from several different geo. locations and operating systems.

Steps for users to try:

Ensure that Brave Rewards and Brave ads are properly enabled in settings:

  1. Click the Rewards icon in the address bar
  2. Go to Rewards Settings
  3. Ensure that you have both Rewards and Ads turned on here

Check settings of Focus assist (windows)
Focus assist is a feature of Windows 10 for managing when and how notifications will be displayed on your machine. It’s essentially a “do not disturb” mode that may be blocking notifications from showing on your end.

You can find and adjust this setting on your Windows 10 machine by going to Settings --> System --> Focus Assist or by clicking on the notification center in the task bar.

Community Reports:

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