Brave ads missing!

  1. Brave will NOT pay ads if you use a VPN, or use their browser on multiple devices, which naturally WILL BE connected to the same wallet to collect the BAT. These are abysmally s+up|d rules, which Brave is hurting the users & themselves with. These idiotic rules fly in the face of modern reality!

  2. Brave has stolen back the initial BAT they gave us to initially dl Brave, because they did not provide any way to put the BAT from Android Brave into an Uphold account. This delay was their fault.

VPNs are an integral part of modern browsing life! As are multiple devices, and linking the same accounts, in this case my Uphold account, to all three devices.

Brave needs to join the 21st century in these regards by acknowledging the inevitability of VPNs and multiple devices, and pay BAT the same as they were doing under the EXACT SAME conditions a few months ago.

I haven’t changed ANYTHING, but the ads are definitely down to zero now!

Due to the REPEATED nonresponse from Brave regarding the lack of any ad BAT for MANY months, I have now TURNED OFF the Sponsored Images. I had turned it on after the BAT stopped, in hopes that it would jolt Brave into restarting the ads. But you didn’t, so I’m turning it off.

If the ads & a reasonable level of BAT do not start VERY shortly, I will follow this up by turning off the (1) P3E, (2) Auto Crash Reports, and (3) Auto Daily Usage Tracking.

I may do all 3 at once, or I may do them one at a time to send a multi stage message. I haven’t made up my mind yet. But I will start doing it before long.

I will also look at my rating on Google Play, & if, as I suspect, it is above a one, I will start lowering it in stages until the ad revenue returns to normal.

What is “Gemini”?? I have no idea what the relevance, if any, that Gemini has to this subject. The only Gemini I’ve ever heard of is ,I think, an astrological symbol.

Oh, I searched for Gemini topics and I see what it is now. Gemini is some sort of alternative to Uphold.

In which case it has exactly zero to do with this topic!

I don’t use Gemini. I use Uphold.

And in the 1st place I said from the start that the problem was that I was receiving no ads or BAT at all. I did not say anything about any issues of transferring the BAT, let alone to Gemini. I don’t even use Gemini. So that message at the top of this topic is just random and irrelevant misinformation.

The issue is not receiving any ads at all! For months! Not a single one.

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