Brave ads in Mexico?

I´ve been using brave for the past months and I really love it. I just tried to start with viewing ads to generate BAT but it seems it is not yet available here in Mexico, I would just like to know when is it going to be brought to my region.


Mexico ia supported.

Did you able to enable Brave Ads under brave:rewards?

Thanks for the answer. I have Brave rewards enabled. However, I cant enable Brave Ads. This is the exact message I get: “Sorry! Ads are not yet available in your region.”

Can you make sure

  • you’re using the latest version 1.5.x
  • and change your device Region setting to Mexico
  • and set Mexico language as your browser language (Menu > Settings > Language)

Im on Brave 1.5.123. I wasn´t able to find any configuration on Region.

I changed language to Spanish (Mexico) but still I am not able to enable Brave Ads.

I tried using Brave Nightly and I was able to enable Brave Ads no problems whatsoever. Nevertheless, I still can´t do it using regular Brave, which is what I want.

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